Background of the School


Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College, founded in 1978, is a government subsidized Anglo-Chinese co-educational secondary grammar school. It was the first secondary school set up by the school sponsoring body – Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club. In line with the school motto of “Knowledge and Perseverance”, the school aims at providing a broad, high quality education which nurtures in every student not only a scholarly intellect, but also a fine personality and a strong sense of responsibility to the community.

Mrs. Mona M. S. LEONG led the School-Building Committee from the beginning of the project and served as the School Supervisor and Chairman of the School Management Committee from 1978. She resigned in February 2002 and Mrs. Lucy LAU CHAN So May succeeded her as the School Supervisor until 2016. Ms Vicky LAM Wai Kei has been the third School Supervisor since April 2016.

Mr. CHOI Kwok Ping was appointed as the first principal of our school. In 1979, Mr. SUN Ping Shu succeeded Mr. CHOI. Mr. SUN retired in August 1990 and Mrs. WONG SZE Lo Sai succeeded him as the third principal until August 2007. Mr. WONG Ming Hau came as our fourth principal in September 2007. Mr. YEUNG Chi Keung succeeded Mr. Wong as the fifth principal since 2019.




Opening Ceremony of School Campus 校舍啟用儀式
Mrs. Mona LEONG introducing campus facilities to guests梁黃文璿校監為來賓介紹校園設施
Mr. SUN Ping Shu hosting the Opening Ceremony of School Campus孫秉樞校長主持校舍啟用儀式

In 1978, our school first operated with 14 teachers. There were only 11 classes in Form One with an enrolment of 440 students; of these, only 1% belonged to Band One. HKCWCC is now a full-sized secondary school of 27 classes,60 teachers and an enrolment of approximately 800 students. Students allocated to our school are high achievers in their respective primary schools. Our school has also been qualified in using English as the medium of instruction since September, 1998.

It is always our belief that through whole-person education, students can become successful all-rounders and good citizens who are willing to serve the community. To offer stronger support to students, the Discipline, General Guidance, Life-planning & Career Guidance, Civic, Moral and Environmental Education and Extra-curricular Activities teams work in close cooperation with the School Social Worker, the Educational Psychologist and the Speech Therapist.