Future Plans

The plan is multifaceted. It includes improving facilities,enhancing students’ learning capacity, and supporting students’ holistic development.

The plan is to demolish the old Assembly Hall, build a 7-storey building and renovate some old facilities to not only meet the requirements of the latest educational reforms but equip our students to face the challenges of the 21st century.

1) Improved Facilities:

(subject to approval of Education Bureau and related departments)

  • A new 1000-seat Assembly Hall for Assemblies, Talks, Concerts, Performances, Examinations, etc.
  • A Multipurpose Area for mass activities such as talks, workshops, tests & examinations, lunch, other developmental programmes, etc.
  • Library
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Student Activity Centre
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Visual Arts Room and Art Display Area
  • Geography Room
  • Music Room
  • Home Economics Room
  • Small Group Teaching Rooms
  • Alumni Room
  • PTA Room
  • A new Staff Room to accommodate all teachers
  • Renovated General Office, Principal’s Room, Vice-Principal’s Rooms, Conference Room, Teaching Assistant Room
  • New Resource Rooms
  • Campus TV Room
  • Science Learning and Teaching Centre

2) Enhancing Students’ Learning Capacity:

  • Strengthen various curricula and assessment
  • Empower students to learn actively and independently
  • Cater for learner diversity
  • Provide scholarships to acknowledge and motivate students to excel
  • Sponsor enrichment programmes, exchange trips, etc.

3) Supporting Students’ Holistic Development:

  • Provide continuous development for students in various areas, such as Moral and Civic education, Aesthetic development, Physical development, etc.
  • Improve facilities and promote a healthy school environment with a green campus

New Look of Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Club College: